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Ms. Get Things Done


I'm impressed with my results. I thought they'd be worse.

PHASE 1: Collect

Downloaded Todoist. So far so good; love that I can sync it with my mail. Still have to sync it with my other devices, but I'm on my way.

Seems similar to Google Tasks from the descriptions I read.

Is there a big difference beetwen the Google app and this one?

PHASE 2: Processing tasks

Got my Evernote ready to go, though it's still empty. 

I wanted to add emails to the "Reference" category that is to be contained in Evernote, but apparently one can't use Evernote within email?

I started categorizing my emails, but... This will take a long while. I finished with December, so that's one less month to go, which is nice! (Trying to be super positive here). 

Is there a quicker way to sort through all of these messages?

It's not a hard process though it does take some time, specially when one gets stuck on what to do with personal messages and the likes.

I'm also sorting the tasks in my Todoist, categorizing the "Someday" Tasks.

Created my Projects in Todoist and their corresponding Evernote Synchronized Notebooks for further task organization.

So, I had to re-do the whole "Projects" section because it turns out Todoist doesn't provide an option to create a categroy higher than a project itself like an "Area of Responsability".

I took one of the student's advice and instead of creating projects per se I used that option to create my actual "Areas" inside which I started sorting all my "Tasks".

I decided on the Areas I'd add after going through each Task and labelling it with an "@" with the name of the area it'd be under. I went for pretty general "Areas of Responsability".

The labels helped me group my Tasks.

I emptied all my Tasks from the Inbox and into my Areas.

After that, I headed to the Areas and created "new tasks" within each with the title in bold using the exclamation points like so: !!title goes here!!.

These new bold titles were actually my Projects and underneath each I grouped the Tasks that were related.

To turn it into a drop-down menu, I clicked on each Task text and indented it using the little arrows on the right.

Just realized one can also create drop-down menus from the "Projects" section in Todoist the same way one creates drop-down menus with the Tasks.

I re-did everything once again (sigh), this time placing my Projects under the Areas I had already created and then placing the Tasks inside the Projects.

PHASE 3: Organizing Tasks

Created my Stacks and added descriptions to some of them as a reminder of what exactly they're for.

I love this system for organizing my saved Bookmarks of articles and specific content. 

PHASE 4: Reviewing Projects & Areas

PHASE 5: Doing Things

Here are the tags I decided on: 

Time: @5m / @15m / @30m / 1h

Area: @home / @work

Energy level: @low / @med / @high

Priority: Todoist's flag system (red = high; navy blue = med; sky blue = low; white = no rush)


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