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Mrs. Sandra Carrington & Tiffany

 What a great lesson! This was very helpful and well done. Thanks for sharing! Here is a look at the different steps of my process designing "Sandra Carrington" and her poor, poor dog, "Tiffany," or as I'm sure Sandra calls her, "Tiff Tiff, Tiffy-Poo."


 I liked how some of these turned out, but I kept feeling drawn to the shorter version. I had to see what she'd look like finished. (I think you can right click, select "Open Image in New Tab" to see these larger.)


  I tried to use Sandra's outfit as a way of hinting at her "sporty" past, while flaunting her current social status. I also chose to go a slightly different route with her little dog. I made Tiffany a whippet, which is kind of like a small greyhound. I thought a formerly athletic Sandra might like a dog that can run well, while its still small enough to make pull around easily and smother. I also liked the contrast between Sandra's shapes and those of a lean dog. I also used the stage to try and strengthen the poses and fix any anatomy issues.


  Here, I adjusted and tweaked any tangents, scale issues and accidental leaning.


  Final Lines!


  Final Colors!



This was lots of fun and a great learning experience and practice. Thanks for looking!

-Philip A. Buck


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