Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake

Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake - student project

I have followed Ohn Mar on Instagram for a while now because of her beautiful TDAC book and illos for TDAC.  It was through her summery, fruity inspiration that I ended up making this recipe.

Because I had already uploaded this recipe to TDAC, I do not feel I should be considered in the current contest.  But I love Salli and Nate's awesome websites and I appreciate all they do for illustrators and artists.  Good luck to all involved in the contest!  (Here's my TDAC link.)

This recipe is so super-easy and was given to me by a beloved family babysitter, Mrs. Thomason.  She knows what's good!

I simplified the recipe a bit, and also used fonts instead of hand lettering.  I really need to stop cutting that step out of my work.  I like to hand letter, but due to the pressure of work, I often use cool fonts and don't end up handlettering my pieces that don't have the wording as the primary motivation for the illo.

Please forgive my lack of a traditional mood board.  My inspiration comes from 2 places:  my father-in-law's real life lemon tree and my love of Henri Matisse's painting, Black Philodendron and Lemons (1943). Love these color combos!!!

Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake - image 1 - student project

This piece inspired a lot of small works this summer.  (See the middle row below.)

Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake - image 2 - student project

Here are my final, individual elements below before loading them up into software.  I used Posca acrylic marker pens on Canson watercolor paper and moved around the elements to see what I liked.

Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake - image 3 - student project

Once I digitized the images, I decided to erode them a bit.  Not totally sure I'm crazy about the end result but you know, it was a cool way to learn.

Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake - image 4 - student project

Yummy goodness!

Mrs. Tommy's Lemon Pound Cake - image 5 - student project

Thanks, Ohn Mar, for a beautiful class.  I love to follow your Instagram creations, and I hope to post another illustrated recipe here soon.

Nicole Arnold
Wild about Art