Mrs Sandra Carrington and her faithful companion Tiffany

Hi :)

Here's my design process for Sandra and Tiffany. As much as I love doing animation I also love to create characters.

First off I was blasting out sketches and ideas trying to make each one different from the last, I felt I kinda when a bit off track during the sketchy stage (for some reason I drew a sporty mum and a hippie version of sandra) But hopefully the final design gets accross the summery feel I was going for. Hope you guys like it! :D






And here's the final image, I quite like her, I tried to make her feel quite posh and decadent but when I do another project like this again I would probably keep a little bit more focussed on the paramaters set by the brief. However, I'm quite please with her I really enjoyed the video series, Thanks for a great class, Tom! :)


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