I will be uploading my sketches and wireframing as well as the final images below.
I'm excited to share these, so I wanted to put them up first!


Mr. Temp v1.0


My goal was to combine usuability with a sense of fun. There's an intentional influence of classic video game graphics and design.

I wanted something a little outside of the box, with an element of fun, so I added Mr. Temp- a character whose expressions and visual appearance changes depending on the weather conditions, creating a connection to the user beyond the utilitarian aspects of a weather app.

Future versions will include customization for the Mr. Temp character: new accessories, facial features, animations, backgrounds.


Final Designs

Currently, I have two versions, paired down from three. The only distinctions are visual, not functional.

One with a checkered background and one with a gradiant, this could become implimented into an option the user can choose.

Version 1: Checkered Background

Version 2 : Plain Background - For sake of space, I'll post a few samples only.


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