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Winter Schatz

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Mr.Schatz - Logo Bump


Hello I'm a Graphic Designer from Minneapolis Minnesota. My name is Andrew Schatz, I have taken one course in motion design about two years ago, and I've been away for too long. 

I have no history in animation or film, but I have a future in it. This project is about developing a logo bump, that elaborates on the original metaphors used to create the static logo. Which will greatly clarify the forms from simply seeing it in static form. This bump will be at the beginning of the next motion reel I make.

The intent of this project is to create work under the guidance of a instructor who focuses on animation and storytelling in motion. A new perspective, methods and process for future projects is the underlying goal of this course. 


Logo Key Concepts I'm working with:

  • Precision
  • Dimensions
  • Edutainment
  • Analysis |  Data visualization
  • the metamorphosis of complexity to simplicity


Session 1 | Concept Development

Essential Info
Style: Fusion of Russian Constructivism and Glitch 
Music: Youngblood Brass Band - 20 Questions (Instrumental)
Final Time: 9.5 Seconds

Deliverables 1 |Super Rough Thumbnails

Deliverables 2 | Animatic First Draft

This was all done as frames as groups in Illustrator, then I used Layers to Comp Script because who has time to make and name a bunch of new layers to separate them in After Effects? Its nothing fancy right now. But there will be fancy bits moving around in later renditions.

Session 2 | After Effects Basics and Animation Techniques

After understanding Easing, masks, comps, pre-comps. I wanted to know how to unleash these skills. One of my main inspirations is Buck. I analyzed their transitions and flow to set a standard for myself. I'd rather copy the method of others before I go experimenting, and their work is amazing. Participant Media - Plege to see this film, sets a standard for transitions  and flow that I just.. There are methods in here that include 3D software I think. But knocking out most of the methods used will do. 

At this point my project has inctreased in complexity. Once I'm in Illustrator, I think of how to break down parts of the logo to use as transitions and as "fancy little animations".

The length of this intro will probably be extended to about 15 seconds. I'm not sure how well these drastic changes would turn out if I had to present them to a client. Would it be an issue? I don't know.

Deliverables 3 | Animatic Second Draft

Session 3 | Things

This is the final that has been reduced to a quick and simple intro.


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