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Mr.Kitty's Krazy Katnip

I decided to work with a fictional company for this - Mr.Kitty's Krazy Katnip. Mr.Kitty is my cat, and he is all about the catnip. His business sells catnip in dark alleyways as a somewhat sketchy context. He needs a website to promote his products, and this brand identity project will help him on that path.

*Note: It will be a bit before I update this again - I need to make a logo for him before I go any farther...

Creative Brief

Mr.Kitty’s Krazy Katnip

September 16, 2014


Who is the client, and what is their current situation?

Mr.Kitty is an entrepreneurial cat who sells his Krazy Katnip in sketchy settings on the street.


What are you trying to accomplish? (For the client)

Mr.Kitty needs to develop a formal brand identity, including logo, website, etc, to support the fast growth his business is experiencing.

Target Audience

Who are your client's ideal customers?

Currently, mostly cats on the street. But in the near future, he hopes to market via his website also.


What is your client trying to say? (Mission statement)

With good, potent, Krazy Katnip, all can be right in the world, and you will look super bad-ass!


Who are your client's biggest competitors

  • Other sellers of (less superb) catnip, like the pet stores
  • Not a competitor, but a threat: those who say “the nip” is a drug and encourage cats’ humans to talk to them about “the nip”
  • Potentially direct competitor: Stark Raving Cat

Distinguishing Characteristics

What makes your client unique?

  • Makes catnip hardcore
  • Is a cat who sells catnip to cats. No people involved!

Creative Considerations

Does the client have any specific directives that should apply to the work?

  • Colors should be bold and vivid
  • Should include black / very dark brown – to match Mr.Kitty’s fur
  • Thinking about: Dark Brown + vibrant bold green

Tone or Keywords – Adjectives

What personality does the client want to project to their audience? (Adjectives)

  • Bold
  • Courageous
  • Bad-ass
  • Cat
  • Stealthy

Mood Board I created on Pinterest for him.


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