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Mr. Onion (my boyfriend's shopping alter ego)

Polish people are said to be excessively frugal (mainly among Poles I think :D). And a depiction of this feature is an onion :D.

To make it more clear to you I'll give an example of a situation:

*someone is spending 3rd hour choosing, let's say, protective foil/glass for their phone screen. All of them are cheap and the differences between them are very small but they still are trying to get the best price or bargain

then you can say: "Oh... An onion is growing in your pocket" or "Your onion is growing"

My boyfriend is the master in being an onion. When he is thinking about buying something he will first spend countless hours reading opinions and reviews on the Internet and basically becoming and expert in the field. Then he will try to get the best price taking in consideration costs of shipping and so on...

I like to buy something that is the best quality that I can get for the money I have but I'm not like him :D.

So I laugh at him a lot and he gets embarassed. 

So I present to you my boyfriend's shopping alter ego:


His head is obviously an onion, he is a bit sad he picked some product badly and has his laptop handy in case he would like to do a research on something he wants to buy.


First sketches of granpa Onion but I went with the younger version in the end.



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