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Mr. Noah Guthrie

First off, thanks so very much Martina! This class was so informative; I don't usually polish my hand-lettering projects as much as this, but this class helped me to further develop my digitizing process.


I decided to use this class to help me with a logotype for Noah Guthrie. Sorry if this breaks the rules of the class project (it's not really a postcard...), but I figured I'd upload it since the class really helped me with my real-life work!

Mood Boards:

I researched a bunch of vintage music gear and noticed that many of them were logotypes and were often in a super svelte script.


My client is an old soul (like me), so I looked at a lot of vintage lettering as well.


Then I took a gander at what's trending now in the way of script lettering.



I got to sketching and went in a few directions.


We went with this vibe.



After lots of hours of digitizing, I finally felt satisfied with it. I wanted it to look modern/clean, but also still have that vintage/hand-done grit, so I went into Photoshop and added texture + color. A lot of the vintage music logos had greys/blacks/golds in them, so I went in that direction with the color.



One of the spaces this logotype would live in would be his music videos. Rather than simply fade on the logotype, it seemed more interesting/customized to have it draw itself on.



I'm on Instagram: ksoconnor90 My online portfolio:

Thanks for taking a look at this, and thanks even more to our fabulous teacher!


— Shea


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