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Elie Ang

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Mr. & Mrs. M

First of all, thanks for clicking in and Stefan Bucher for sharing this awesome technique with us! (: After watching this lesson, I can't wait and started to gather all the materials needed the next day.

Anyway, here are all the monsters I've made today!

Monster #01 / Male / Type: Bird

This is the very first monster I've made, a falling bird.

Monster #02 / Female / Type: ???

I'm really satisfied with this. Trying to keep it minimal and creepy looking. Only added strands of hair,hands and eyes.

Monster #03 / Male / Type: Ant-eater

My first intention was to make it look like a "godzilla", conquering the world.

I'm not sure why it turned out like this in the end. ^^

Monster #04 / Female / Type: Fish

2 words: Mechanical fish.


I really learnt ALOT and having loads of fun using this style. I can't stop!

I think one point I can improve on is the details on the monsters.

Feel free to comment your feedbacks and improvements that I'll need!

Thank you!


UPDATED 05.12.2014

Firstly, thanks for viewing and liking my project! ((:

Noticed that the contest has extended! I really really wish to win the prizes!

I may not be the best but I'm sure I'm improving and looking at things with different perception and creativity. Below are the new monsters that I've done (also a new cover YAY!)! Planning to do some stickers for them in the future! ^^

(p.s: Sorry the color and shading didn't turn out nicely cos' I'm using my phone's scanner app to capture the artwork)

Monster #05 / Female / Type: Bird

Trying a different style and focusing more details here.

Monster #06 / ??? / Type: Slug

Trying more 'scarier' monster here.

Monster #07 / Female / Type: Cat

Not a monster this time. :3



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