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Mr. Goldenegg

I decided to animate a fat and jolly kinda guy, so I came up with Mr. Goldenegg:

I gave him a DuIK rig, since I haven't bought gg_puppettools yet.  Here's an image with all the bones:

I parented his head to the 'neck' bone so that it would follow the rotation of the pelvis.  I left the toe controllers unparented so that I'd be able to adjust them easier in relation to the ankle controllers.

I figured Mr. Goldenegg is a very successful businessman, so he probably is incredibly happy about all the money he's making.  He must go to the office every day looking like this:

But what's gonna happen on the one day all the stocks crash?  Everyone has bad days sometimes, even Mr. Goldenegg.  When he's sad he walks like this:

That one is on a 2 second loop, twice as slow as the happy walk, which is 1 second.

The most trouble I've had so far with the rig is keeping the feet level as they slide back.  I found that the best way to do this is to make sure the toe controller stays completely horizontal.  What do you guys think?  Suggestions?  Criticisms?


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