Mr. Boombastic


This is my sketch for my picture (sorry it's upside down). I've always loved drawing. Since 5th grade I've started getting into digital art too. Now, I'm 16, I love photography, photomanipulations, graphic design, traditional art- the whole bit basically. I've always wanted to learn good ways to merge traditional art and digital together as a hybrid; however, when I tried before, the outcome was nice, but not as completley half and half as I wanted (most of them were 80% traditional). So here is my go using Sara Blake's tutorial, and I've been looking at her art work for a long time so when I saw she made a tutorial I freaked. 


Here is my final drawing time to put it into photoshop!!:

PHASE 2.5:

PHASE 3 (I need your help :D):
I took your advice and made three different versions: one with drop shadow, one with drop shadow but not on the background, and one without drop shadow completely. Also I really need your help with colors and design aspects of this image, because it's not looking as professional as it can or as I can make it, I'm just a little lost in all of the colors right now- I need an outside eye.

Drop Shadow:

No Dropshadow on Background:

No Dropshadow At All:

Stage 3 Continued....

I made four newer versions. I tried adding shadow to the eye sockets, but it provided the same effect as the drop shadow which nobody seemed to like before. 

Magenta Bottom Goo:

Version With Blue Goo:

Version Two:

Version Two w/ Texture:

Version Two in CMYK:

** ALSO, should I create a whitespace in the gaps of its mouth?

Thanks for the help!! :D :D :D :D


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