Mr colour coordinated

Mr colour coordinated - student project

Hey all on skillshare here is my 2D animation project. I had a lot of fun with this with making up a character and environment for them to move through. Since I fancied a challenge I wanted to have a multi layered animation with a few moving parts. Although this was fun it was also challenging at times and I feel like I learned plenty and have a better understanding of 2D animation. so yeah thanks a bunch enjoy!



So in conclusion i'm happy with the final outcome, the only things I can think I dislike about it is that it feels somewhat empty at times and lacking detail in some parts, the pacing is a bit off compared to Abbeys but I felt it had to move a touch faster since the guys on a scooter. Finally I could have definitely made a smoother walk cycle for the dog walker but I didn't think it was super necessary as the character doesn't appear for very long. 

Cameron Little