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Mr Wigg Redux

I recently read this book, and hated the treatment of the type on the cover. So I'm trying to make the cover better...


Mr Wigg loves his gardening, watching cricket, and cooking sweets with his grandchildren (often featuring fruit from his magnificent fruit trees).

He tells magical stories about the Queen, the Peach King and the Queen's Gardener to his grandchildren - about the tastiest peach in the world, and the gardener who waits till the tree is ready, and takes it to his Queen.

Idea 1

I liked the idea of featuring the peach somehow. The story of the Peach King could be seen as a metaphor for Mr Wigg's relationships with his daughter and son.

I also saw the 'W' as a set of scales. I put the peach balanced on 1 stem, and an apple on the other - it features as an important project Mr Wigg begins to work on.

Idea 2

This next idea comes from another fruit - the pomegranate - Mr Wigg talks about it in one of the chapters - he originally grew it at his beloved wife's request.

It suddenly occurred to me that the top of the pomegranate looks like a crown, reminding me of the Peach King character.

So perhaps I could make a 'W' out of the fibres in a sliced-in-half piece of fruit?


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