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Mr Wick's Daughter

Mr Wick's Daughter

by Greta Chesterman 


A domineering father watches his beautiful daughter's every move. His obsessiveness turns violent
when she becomes involved with a local teenage boy.


I adapted story number three from the book 'The Pastures of Heaven' by John Steinbeck .I transformed the story into a contempory time period , I did this because I think it will allow some creative flexibility within the film.. (if it was to be a film).

Considering its a screenplay for a 8-10 minute film, I cut out some of the story to create a plot line that coincides with classical hollywood narritives . I focused on a time period of about 2 days to create a flowing story including a: introduction, climax and, resolution.

This is a story of a girl whos grown up in a very conservitive house hold , shes kept away from society almost like a prisoner. Her fathers controling ,suspicious, and delusional behaviour only resembles his lack of faith and deep fear of the world around him. To conclude I believe the story is about love and what it means to be loved .To be vulnerable, to be Accepted and to be free. 

Updated Script:

Visual references :

About me :

Im a 23 year old film student from Perth Western Australia . I love writing screenplays but Im actually studying film production and cinematograhy. I'm moving to melbourne at the end of the year to start working for a production company, then hopefully Ill move over to LA ,the big smoke baby!

Im a very visual thinker sometimes I get lost in my own head and my scentences dont make any sense!  so please read and give me some feedback!


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