Kari Ha

Illustration student from Prague



Mr Skeleton Guy

Yes, I do love taking notes...



I decided to use Mr Skeleton Guy for this project. He is a character I invented recently during Inktober. He started as a kind of a silly joke, but I realized I like him a lot.

Here are the drawings from Inktober:


Here are my concept sketches, thumbnails & the final sketch:


I imagine him being a lovely character with a set of somehow cute hobbies, like in this picture, feeding the pigeons (which is also a beloved activity of mine). The scene is a public place, the Republic Square in Prague.  

The narrative here is also a little political. Pigeons are being systematically killed in Prague. The town hall argues that they are overpopulated and carry many illnesses. The law in our state protects all kinds of birds, except for pigeons. And also, feeding of pigeons is prohibited by the city. I strongly disagree with all of these procedures.


And this is how the final illustration turned out: 82002c4e


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