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Mr Mullans

Hi my name is Ollie, I am a graphic designer and illustrator from London.
I am currently working on a project to create a logo for hand crafted grooming products for men. Such as beard oil and wax and hand made combs.

This project is taking me slightly out of my comfort zone so finding this tutorial has been a massive help, and I always really enjoy seeing other people's process in the creative process.

I wrote some key words and themes to get me thinking in the right direction.

Hand made / Hand crafted
Old World

I started by doing some research into hand lettering and vintage logos and antique typography.

Then starting to make some quick very rough initial sketches, just looking at how the word looks and feels, uppercase and lowercase. Script lettering and how it might work with the hierarchy of the two words. 



Nothing was really working from any of these initial roughs, so I decided to revisit my research images, looking at vintage type and lovely old hand drawn script.

And eventually I came up with this idea.


Which I vectorized and added texture. In my sketch 'Mullans' follows quite a nice sweeping curve which didn't really translate to my vectorised version. Also the letter 'a' doesn't feel quite right and the est 1994 feels kind of chunky.
For my first attempt I am quite happy but I think I need to go back and think about making it look less sparse and maybe adding some illustrated details.



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