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Mr Dapper - Men's Hair Pomade

I am creating a hand-drawn design to go on the packaging of a men's pomade called "Mr Dapper." The target audience is men from the ages of 16 - 40. Could be men older than that, but the design would be targeted towards a younger age group. The audience would be men who like to style their hair in a more vintage fashion. This could be a young professional who reads GQ or even an avid rock and roll fan that could be into rockabilly or hardcore genres. 

Since this is a new company I will find ways to cut costs while making something that is creative and boutique looking. I am leaning towards a vintage look with a modern flair which is why I think it would be perfect for some hand-lettering and illustration. 



These are my idea sketches. My sketches were really messy so I decided to go ahead and ink them so the ideas were more clear. Most of them are just basic outlines of what I want to do. This will be a paper lable on the side of a 3 oz. glass pomade container. Some of the smaller typography will change into a more stylized version of itself too. Any feedback would be great! I can't wait to get into the next step.


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