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Mr Curl E. Braces (feedback wanted)

Hi, just interested to get some feedback on this, because I think some parts are okay, but feel like there are some annoying loose ends (especially bottom right) that I can't work out. Any principles on how to deal with that bottom corner bit appreciated.

This was just a simple test. I'm teaching C programming to teenagers and thought I'd personify curly braces to make a point about where they go. Have outlined a few of the iterations below:

NOTE: Borders are just so you can see the dimensions of the white business card

1. Just getting the text on the page:


2. Adding the braces in question (seemed like an obvious choice)


3. First attempt at arranging elements


4. Added a few C programming things like the "//" to indicate a comment and of course it's all punctuated since I've talked about the braces as having a punctuation function:


5. removed punctuation and changed locations somewhat


6. Feel like this is the best attempt, but not sure. Still feel like something isn't quite righ witht the bottom right corner and welcome feedback:



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