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Moving In - Living & Bedroom

Before sofa (pictured above), love the lines, bought for $75.00, fitting my budget. With a little imagination, and help from my friends, I ordered some mahogany from Brazil, to change the style a bit. Found fabric (cashmere) which normally retails for just under$300.00 @yard, bought the end of the bolt, about 22yards for [email protected] More in my budget. .. The fabric is a traditional Glen Plaid that reads gray from a distance. The pillow on the sofa (which is headed along with it's twin to my bedroom) is one I made from a small rug bought at TJMaxx, cut in two in order to make two big pillows. The sofa table behind the sofa is a rosewood table that has sides which unfold, the top flips over, making it a dining room table as needed. On the sofa/console table, I have a lamp I picked up at thrift shop ($12.00, linen shade from Big Lots $3.00),  a vintage Japanese Ikebana vase, a handle from an African slingshot and a small potted plant I've had furor sometime. Slingshot handle sits on a slab of agate used as a stand. 

New photos of living room.  Two white chairs, Florence Knoll originals found in consignment shop ($200.00)  which I reupholstered in a white linen. The floor lamp I splurged on while in California ($350.00), cornetasked table ($20.00) from consignment shop, shelves in corner from Ethan Allen, consignment shop ($50.00), fish bowl on coffee table (TJMaxx), table in corner, another splurge ($250.00 from small local shop), artwork by then student, Molly Fletcher, Jazz, my pup, rescued me and makes it all worth while. 

I have not exactly followed the 8 principles dictated in this claone for one reason. I am disappointed that they are, to me, like a teacher, showing one how to "paint by numbers" instead of painting for the love of painting. As a result one's room is more like a Thomas Kinkade painting than an original and beautiful painting such as a Monet, etc. Looked at the styled coffee tables looked before had a personal statement to make and after, looked stilted, the same, with a tray, couple of books, plant making the table so room for it's intended purpose...setting down a cup of coffee!  (Or drink of any kind). Where's your personality?  Originality? No offense intended to anyone. Believe in yourself and your talents. And just for your information...

EVERYTHING has texture!!!  I am most disappointed in this "class".  My apologies ahead of time. Just my humble opinion.

My shelves, (no bookcases in living room at this time) just hung and styled.  Close up of a piece of wood I found and love.  The Asian cabinet was put together with two panels (found in Gernany), side panels matching Chinese panels (just craved Cinese circle) put together to make this. This is in my entry. The wood stand is vintage Japanese, the vase, vintage Japanese Ikebana vase found in Hawaii, etching done by a student artist. 

PROJECT #1:  On a tight budget! Found a sofa whichasn't the lines for which I've been looking. Only $75.00!!  It's in preTty bad shape but with a little imagination and some hard work, I will have the sofa Of my dreams. Have ordered mahogany from Brazil to use as a outline on the sofa. Looking for fabric this weekend.


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