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Moving From Overseas and Starting Over

I just moved from overseas and needed to prepare my resume for my job search.  I'm hoping to work in Communications/Social Media now that I'm back in the United States.  When I went to look for my resume, I realized that it was gone.  Apparently, I deleted it at some point.

So I don't really have a before.  I pulled the information from my LinkedIn profile and just edited it a little bit.  I'm still working on the associated website and haven't placed this resume anywhere.  I like it for it's cleanliness, but feel like I haven't done a very good job of pulling it all together or having headers.  I had a header earlier above my job experience that said, "Me" but a friend of mine told me to pull it out, so I did.

Here's my first edit:


aaaaaaaaand I forgot to add my education:



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