Moving Forward

Moving Forward - student project

I learned an earlier version of HTML and CSS and thought this class would be a great chance to get myself up-to-date with all the changes and possibly update my portfolio website in the process.

So, I currently have a wordpress website up and running and am having few issues with uploading a hidden folder for this class project. Until the issue is resolved, here's my homepage:

------------> Assignment 1

Moving Forward - image 1 - student project

------------> Assignment 2

I really enjoyed this section of the material... I found all of the differnt forms to be quite intersting. However, I'm still drawing a blank on what information I should put in a table. That being the case, I decided to skip that .. oops. and to make up for it, I added another form on my portfolio page that includes a drop down menu of my design skills. 

See for yourslef:

Part 1

Moving Forward - image 2 - student project

Part 2Moving Forward - image 3 - student project

------------> Assignment 3

At this point I realize I"m a bit behind following the class schedule, but I'm still super excited about this class and seeing it throught to the end. 

For this assignment, I think I went ahead and added meta tags and the bug fixes for older browsers in addition to the requriements : audio and HTML5 symantics.