Movifyt - Neighborhood Goods Sale Redefined

Movifyt - Neighborhood Goods Sale Redefined - student project

USA is a Country with Lots of Immigrants & also Other people

. Every now & then - People move maybe due to Retirement /Job Transfer ( from One City to Another ) / Moving back to Home Country for Good -People Who arent Happy . Want to Bring this Concept of Neighborhood Sale -Where people can find out whats Selling in Neighborhood -

People Post What They want to Sell -with Zipcode &  Category (eg : Camera -Electronics, Car etc) & Price

-People Subscribe to Stuff - Based on this Category whats being sold in Neighborhood , Get Automatic Alert ( An App ) Informing them - Based on Interests , Whats being sold in Neignborhood . Person would say _ I am Interested - Allowing Person to Share his Contact with Person Selling Stuff  -Requesting a Demo with the Seller (via Webex) ..Then Deal -Once done , Stuff would Go out from that Store Database