Movie robots Icons

Movie robots Icons - student project

Decided to base my Illustrated Icons on Robots from some of my favorite movies! Starting with some quick rough sketches of some ideas I had on paper, giving a rough idea for shading for later when I get to Illustrating it on the computer.

Movie robots Icons - image 1 - student project

My first main Idea focused on the robots in the movie Oblivion, I love their simplistic shape and how threatening they feel. I decided to go with a red, blue, white, and purple colour scheme; I believe it creates a nice cohesive look to each Icon.

Movie robots Icons - image 2 - student project

The second Icon focuses on the giant robot from The Iron Giant, overall I very happy with this design especially with how the shading defines the giant and the use of the colour red really makes him stand out in the foreground.

Movie robots Icons - image 3 - student project

Lastly I wanted to go for a simplistic friendly robot, so I decided to focus the last Icon on Eve from the movie Wall-E. Eve is made up of some very simple shapes, so shading was key in building her character, and I decided to focus on the scene in the movie where she picks up a light bulb and is intrigued by it.

Movie robots Icons - image 4 - student project

Had a lot of fun with this class, it's a great exercise in Adobe Illustrator if your stuck for things to draw!

Nathan Beers
Illustrator and aspiring animator