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Movie poster - "The Rocketeer"

I've never used Illustrator or any other similar programs before, but I'm really excited to start with this class! I chose this movie poster from an old Disney superhero movie from 1991 called "The Rocketeer". It's set in Los Angeles during the 30's, where a stunt pilot discovers a stolen state-of-the-art jetpack that allows him to fly and becomes a media sensation. It's a pretty ridiculous movie involving mobsters, FBI, and the Nazis but I love it.  

I chose this for my project because I just love the look of the poster. I love the anachronistic look of this poster and I thought it had some features such as the star-spangled night sky that would make the project interesting. I also didn't want it to be too complex since this is my first time. 

To start, I used the pen tool to create the pizza slice shapes for the night sky background. It was pretty straight-forward. I created half of the sky, then duplicated and reflected it by the vertical axis for the other side. 

I discovered I'm not good at eyeballing the colors, so I used a site called, which gives you the hex colors that are in any photos that you upload. It's pretty useful for figuring out the exact colors of the original. 

Next up was the Rocketeer himself, flying across the moon. The moon was simple enough. The Rockeer and his jetpack was tricker, but the convert anchor point tool came in real handy in getting all of his curves right.

For the flames, I used one of the preset brushes under  "Artistic_Painbrush" to get the jet fire look. I also used one of the calligraphy brushes for the black lines streaking across the flames. I think it turned out pretty nicely: 

Next up, I worked on the Griffiths Observatory which is where the Rocketeer had to deliver the jetpack to save his girlfriend who was abducted by the evil Nazi villain. I used the pen tool to outline the buildings and their shadows. The ALT + drag and CTRL + D method was really useful here to line up the windows and give some of the buildings that 3D look. 

Here's the final composition of my project, after part 1:

I decided to wait on the blast from his rocket to see if there's anything I can use from part 2. I still need to add a gradient shadow on the spheres on the observatory, as well as textures on the buildings. The typography at the bottom is also missing. 

I'm praying to god that I don't have to add in the stars one by one. Hopefully there's something from part 2 of the course that I can use for that ... please? 

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks! I'm really excited to be a part of this course. 


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