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Tom Bleasdale




Movie Icons

I chose this class as I've never attempted icon design in the past (no more than buttons and arrows) and have been intrigued as to how is best to apporach the style.

Last week I was set a work challenge to design an app in 24 hours and, with a dev. partner, decided to knock up a movie guessing game. In the game you're shown 3 icons per film and starting with more obscure and challenging clues - the less clues you need the higher your score.. that's the idea anyway.

I'm sure some might say these are not icons due to colour and text but the project called for them. I will post a single colour version soon.

So here's my first attempt at a 'set'. Stuff I'd love feedback on is:

  • What do you guys think of the line weights/consistency?
  • I struggled in getting my head around working to a defined dimension box so that all icons had at least roughly the same scale..the result being cricket bats and spades being the same size as a shrimp..? I appreciate it's not for accuracy/realism but how do you approach this to achieve a cohesive set of icons? Do you guys think this looks odd overall?
  • Colour? No Colour? Textures or a more limited palette?

Also can you guess the films? :)

All/any feedback welcome. Cheers in advance



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