Movie Icon Set: UPDATED!

Movie Icon Set: UPDATED!

Updated Mar, 24th 2017

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

I've got to say a big thank you for your Skillshare videos, they're a real pleasure to watch. I've got a few of your pictures up at my house along with a nice display of your postcards, so to have any insight into your methods are great.

For this first icon (there are more to come), I decided to go for a classic movie. Just to be clear, when I say classic, I mean the 1969 movie, not that 2003 abomination.

I started out with a few images like the ones below:


I had a few shots of the cars from the movie like this, but to get a clear shot of the front of the Coopers, I Googled a few normal cars, like the following:


After this, I jotted out a very basic sketch of a single car. The idea from the start was to create the first car and then use it to create the second and third. I can be a little lazy:


Finally, I took the sketch into Illustrator and went to work:


I'm somewhat happy with the final image. It took me a few hours on and off between cooking dinner and showering. I've got to say that before a few weeks ago I had never touched Illustrator, so these simple, minimalist style icons are very fun to get into because I feel as though I can get somewhere without having to have years of experience.

Below is the final image. Please give me any feedback you like and I will try to improve with my following projects.



So since my first Icon image, I've been having a play around with a few more ideas, trying to simplify things down a little and sticking to some of the rules they mention in the videos (sticking to a set stroke, etc...).

That being said, it seems as though I keep finding myself being drawn to vehicles. I'm going to keep trying out some ideas with this project, aiming at moving more to props, people and scenes. Until then, here are my new icons.









Let me know what you guys think. Here are all three side by side.


Thanks again,


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