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Movement Thru Rehab

My project is a current, live small business. It's a mostly single-therapist, private practice of orthopedic physical therapy. My wife, on occasion, sees patients under my business umbrella. We're in an area of Miami Beach where there exists a desert of clinics providing quality one-on-one care. Having worked in several private practices I've had ample opportunity to witness how employers make mistakes in managing the business-side of things. I knew that I could do one better. 

The practice is located within a GYROTONIC movement studio:

My treatment room is a 12' x 16' space near the entrance where I perform all my manual therapy, and sometimes movement reeducation if the studio is full. Normally, the studio is not full, and I have free access to all the specialized equipment. As a certified GYROTONIC instructor this is a nice marriage of disciplines, as manual therapy + exercise is my treatment paradigm. Using very few modalities (kinesiotaping, cupping and cryotherapy) I focus the orthopedic customer on taking ownership of their rehabilitation through more active participation and fewer passive treatments.

My practice is cash-based and has been from the start. This clear decision has freed me from the inexorable time-sink of dealing with insurance companies in the typical manner. Customers that come to me are mostly word of mouth referrals that understand how I operate. They have either been to another clinic and been dissatisfied with care there and/or are willing to pay extra upfront for something that will cost them less in the long run. There are special circumstances wherein I will deal with insurance: worker's compensation (the only time I will wait for payment), courtesy billing (customer gets reimbursed but I submit a claim for them), and Medicare (just got approved so only have had to do this for one customer). Usually these revenue streams don't encompass a large percentage the business but can be stronger at times.

I run all aspects of the business from the standpoint of a therapist (documentation, home program development, scheduling, con ed) and owner (billing PRN, business licenses and fees, overhead, marketing, finances and corp taxes). I try to work as much on my business as in my business, but certainly fail to give marketing its due. I am not a good salesperson in a large networking setting but prefer to deal one-on-one with people and persuade them of the value I offer. I am passionate about learning and reflecting and refining and injecting that into the quality of the service I deliver. I used to have more than a one page website but got too critical of my own work and decided FB and social media business sites were a better approach. I still want to relaunch a new website but haven't carried through on the vision for it.

After answering Seth's 20 questions one of the ideas that jumped out to me was the opportunity to connect one customer to another OR one type of customer to another. I have seen this being done in my field with group classes of customers with the same condition (e.g., a movement class for people with low back pain), but I haven't done anything similar. I see my connections with the local performing arts companies (dance and music) as perhaps relatively low hanging fruit here. But I am open to suggestions.


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