Mouth Watering Jalapeño Poppers

Mouth Watering Jalapeño Poppers

Updated Jul, 29th 2016

UPDATE - 7/29/2016

My class is now LIVE and published! Woohoo. Here's the Free Enrollment Link for anyone who would like to join this class. Thank you to everyone on here.


Here's my project. I'd really love anybody's feedback on this and what I could do to improve. This is my first culinary video ever. I tried to replicate the overhead video shooting aspect that I've seen on many culinary videos online before.


Mouth Watering Jalapeño Poppers


In this class you'll learn how to make the most delicious, mouth watering baked jalapeño poppers! These aren't your typical poppers that are wrapped with bacon, oh no!, instead these use baked bacon and are clean to eat, easy to make and best of all, delicious to eat and share.


Create your own version of these jalapeño poppers.


By using the same ingredients or using your own combination, create your version of these jalapeño poppers. You can mix and matching different cheeses or add a completely new ingredient! You can use whatever cheese you have in your fridge right now. Just get started, because your friends and family will thank you for it when they get to taste.


Here's the Ingredients List I used in the class videos:

  • 7  Jalapeños (Medium Sized)
  • 1  Cup of Cream Cheese
  • 1  Cup of Cheddar Cheese
  • 1  String Cheese
  • 3  Cloves of Garlic
  • 7  Strips of Bacon


Click here for my video lesson outline.


I've uploaded my introduction video here. I got a bit nervous speaking and messed up slightly when speaking, but I think I recovered and managed to get the introduction points across.


My class is now live :-) So excited! Here's the Free Enrollment Link for anyone who would like to join the class.

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