Mouse with a Paintbrush

Mouse with a Paintbrush - student project

Mouse with a Paintbrush - image 1 - student projectI used what I learned from the classes to make a mouse with a paint brush. I drew with pencil on paper and scanned that in to paint with Procreate.  I was inspired by Beatrix Potter. Thank you for this wonderful class! I love your art.  The Inspiration was from Beatrix Potter and one of her mouse illustrations. As I was reading through one of her stories, I pictured the mouse holding a brush instead some fire place tongs when he is in a child's dollhouse. 


Mouse with a Paintbrush - image 2 - student project


Created this for Dick Blick store where you  bring in a paper bag drawing and you get a 15% discount in the store. I used the skills from the class to learn how to use reference photos to draw animals with basic shapes. Then I used Procreate over a scanned drawing on paper to create a color scheme. I changed it. I printed out the picture and used carbon tracing paper to trace on to a paper bag and then drew and colored with Micron pens, Gelly Roll and other pens, Copic grey for shadows and colored pencil. 


Pamela Jayawardena
Enjoying learning at Skillshare!