Mountain View Preschool Website Revision

Mountain View Preschool Website Revision - student project

I'm just putting in a rough draft of what I expect this project to look like. I'm updating a website that was created by my brother, so I have some basics to work from. 

I will also have some requirements by the Director of the preschool to keep up with. I intend to research some other websites, and all ready have some in mind. I looked at them when I was editing the website a few months ago.

I'd like the layout to be very simple to navigate, but with pertinent information included in the right places. There should be more images and bright colors, with an emphasis on outdoor activities that are popular locally.

The information on the current website can be buried, so I'd like to simplify the language even more than I all ready have, and leave the complicated stuff for attached PDFs that parents and legal counsel could print out if they really needed to. 

Several concepts I'd like to emphasize: demographic variety, openness, outdoor activities, happy and involved children and teachers, the environmental beauty of Colorado, and a variety of learning activities.

The current website is very basic but well-designed; I'd like to use some advanced visual tools to make the website dynamic to look at: something that tech-savvy parents will like, and will possibly engage their preschooler while they are looking at the site as well. It can't hurt, right?

Having said all that, I know my HTML skills from this class will be very basic, and a lot of this may come into play much later in the website re-creation. Here goes nothing!! :)