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Juan Vila

Illustrator. Animator. Digital Media Designer.



Mountain Top Contemporary Home

So the way I approached this class was kind of unique in the way I "learn" things. I had a basic knowledge in Cinema 4D but haven't used it in about 9 months. So, I was rusty to say the least.

So I watched all the videos to see how Craig's process would go and if it was worth creating something out of the videos that I saw. I want to say that I learned so much with this class. Between getting back into Cinema 4D and a whole ton of tips and tricks using Photoshop.

I wish I had some process photos but I just created and went with what I had. So, if I were to do this again (which I plan on it), I will sketch out some thoughts and ideas and create a good composition to start off with.

No Filters-

Filters- Noise, Minimal Blur, Layer with a Screened Redish/Purple

Feel free to comment below :) Thanks Craig for sharing your knowledge.


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