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Mountain Movers Co

-Spark The Fire:Move Mountains-


Twitter: @MountainMoverCo

Instagram: @maxfozzy

Hey guys! My name is Max, and I am the creator of Mountain Movers! So, I guess this is where I should write about who I am and what I do. So here it goes.. I am an all around fun guy. I like to hang out with my friends, go on adventures, meow at cats until they meow back, and occasionally creating a clothing line. My favorite hobbies include: playing endless hours of Xbox, watching Harry Potter movies in between reading the books, running, drawing, and cheering on my Jayhawks. Rock Chalk! But I also enjoy meeting new people, talking with anyone who is willing to, and motivating and inspiring others. And you can follow me on twitter @maxfozzy!


My senior year of high school had just ended. Everyone was going their separate ways, and everyone was thinking ahead to the rest of their life. I was at my graduation party when I ran into my former 6th grade teacher. I hadn't seen her in years and we stopped and talked for a bit. After that day, I sent out thank you notes to everyone who came. Including a more elaborate thank you to my 6th grade teacher. The letter moved her to tell me that I was going to "Move Mountains". I hadn't ever been told that one on one, maybe in a large crowd where a speaker is talking to the audience, but never one on one. That really meant something to me. It really inspired me to try and inspire others, and try something new. So it was two months later, driving home from Lawrence, Kansas, that I came up with the idea for Mountain Movers. How could I turn a phrase, into something more than verbal, into a movement. My goal is to inspire and motivate through this brand and the clothing with fresh, clean designs while maintaining the purpose of what mountain moving is all about. Hard work, dedication, and living life!


We are a movement! I want this to be your uniform when you are going out into the world to go grind. To hit the gym, to go find a new job, to study in the library. To show you are going to do whatever it takes to get where you want. That you have the desire to do more with your life. When you wear these clothes, I want it to show that you're out here working hard, to get where you want, and nothing is stopping you from moving your mountain. Motivate yourself and motivate others. You got to walk the walk in these clothes. You can't just talk about it. You have to BE it. That's what this brand is all about. And the reason I'm so passionate about it, and believe in it, is because the brand itself, is my mountain. I was sitting at my day job, unhappy where I was at, and decided, why do I have to settle for this, why should anyone have to settle for this, if they don't want to be there. How can I inspire myself and others to do more. And this is it. You are the brand. You are Mountain Movers.


My first line has already dropped as an 8 piece collection, mostly having to do with the logo. In my opinion and through advice as others, it was very important to establish my logo in the minds of others. There are still more different designs that do not have to do with the logo to come! This is just the start!

Every design is thought out by me, Max, and then created. I try to use only my own ideas and nothing that I subconciously remember as hard as that sounds. All of my clothing is comfortable and fresh, and something to stand out in! Like I have said before, some brands take themselves too seriously and do not have a positive movement! And thats not bad, I just want to head down that path. Motivation and inspiration to do good. Spark the fire inside to move mountains. I honestly can not wait to hone my skills here with all of you, my classmates! Wish you all the best of luck! Love!


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