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Sheina Yeheskal

Graphic Designer - and Granny



Mountain High

As usual Jamie's class was very interesting and useful.  I can see a lot of advantages to this work technique. 

All the images were from Unsplash  or Pixabay (#2).  
The fonts are  #1. Arizona   #2. Lovers Quarrel and  #3. Botanica Sans
I tend to use a lot of styles and have bought from all over - mostly Evato or Renerosity.

One thing I learned is that the mask didn't work to well with the styled font but was fine with everything rasterized. 

#1  Mountain High - Kudos to anyone recognizing this.  :)


#2  Coffee - Love it!


#3 Spring is Sprung - love Snowdrops!


Thanks for a good one Jamie!


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