Mount Zerella

Mount Zerella - student project

My Patch Project:

First of all, I have been super stoked on this whole class and very glad to be a part of it, I have been really enjoying watching everyones designs come in. I have been trying to get mine posted and have just managed to get in on time, so I hope you enjoy!


Theres some great examples out there. I struggled to cut them down. My favourite was definitely the little OK hand!

Mount Zerella - image 1 - student project

My Favourite Apple Metal Patch

I just couldnt go past this nice pice of lettering with that pop blue!

Mount Zerella - image 2 - student project


I started out wanting to do a patch representing my time in Whistler as I am living here for a season and absolutely loving it. I wanted to show the mountains which are a big part of the Canadian culture. As I was going I decided to start pushing it in a different direction and show my two favourite things about Whistler joint together. Pizza and Mountains! So I came up with Mount Zerella. Here are my sketches.

Mount Zerella - image 3 - student project

Final Patch Design

Here is where I got to with my patch design. Theres a couple of things I am going to work on, with the spacing of the letters, and the flare lines. I'm also going to start to play around with some colour options and upload shortly :)

Mount Zerella - image 4 - student project