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Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer



Mount Crushmore

I've been slowly learning After Effects in order to make some more professional video intro's for my Skillshare classes. I've watched bits and pieces of Jakes classes and googled my way through my previous work. But now I figured I should take the time to do a full class!

Right away I learned a ton of time saving methods that will significantly speed up my work flow. Great class Jake!

My animation is a bit long because I wanted it to match some audio. So it's 10 seconds. Because of that I was having a hard time getting the GIF down to a good size. I tried to post it here but it is just over 6MB. If you'd like to see it, I've posted it to imgur here I tried to embed it, but I wasn't having any luck!

However since I mentioned there is audio involved, you should really check out the video version below.

I've been a Toronto Blue Jays fan for a little over 10 years now (I was a late bloomer I guess as I was 18 I believe), and I've watched many rough seasons. If you are a baseball fan, you probably know that they are currently leading their division and they are looking very good when it comes to making the post season. For this reason, I made my animation based on their new nickname "Mount Crushmore". It can be argued if it refers to the fomer starting 4, the new starting 4, or just the 4 with the most home runs. For this one I went with the latter. Either way, hopefully you enjoy it.

Also, it should be noted this is purely a fan animation not intended for any sale of any kind. I used the voice clips from Buck Martinez and I also used the Blue Jays logo. Obviously those are both Rogers Inc. property and I am not intending to violate it, but just to promote and have fun with a team I love very much.

So basically, don't sue me Rogers!


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