Moulin - student project

Great class, Samantha!

Thank you for sharing all these tips and tricks about urban sketching.

I tried blind coutour for the first time here. I already heard about it, but never found the courage/the opportunity to give it a try. And you were right : it's very funny, and i'm able to see more accurately what are the important things to see, and the shapes are less distorted than if my brain had worked more. More important : it seemed easy! Usually nothing seems easy for e when it comes to drawing...

So, this is my 2 first tries at drawing then painting our future rental vacation house for this summer (we just signed the papers, so it was on my head!). I didn't had enough time to concentrate a lot, but i decided it wasn't important, because when i'll really be sketching outside, i certainy won't have much time either!

I'll try later the outdoor urban sketch, when my baby boy will give me time, and i'll upload the project then. I hope it will be soon !

Moulin - image 1 - student project