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Motorcycles Vs. Subways - First Draft - Feedback Please! :)

One morning, while I was packed elbow to elbow with total strangers on my morning train to work, a lean and stylish young woman in front of me recognized an acquaintance of hers, who was directly behind me. They were happy folk, who seemed perfectly comfortable conducting a very amicable conversation, through my head, as though I didn't exist. Perfectly understandable, after all, their faces were only a few feet a part. To them, I, like everyone else they didn't know, was an inanimate piece of the environment. I pretended to read my iPad while they passed a coffee back and forth next to my ear.

I rode my motorcycle absolutely every where I went, the last two years I lived in Santa Monica, LA. And if you know Santa Monica residents, you know that we don't leave very often -- so the infamous LA Gridlock, is not really an issue for us -- which is, of course, why we don't leave. It's a good town to ride in because no one walks to work, so... there's few pedestrians to avoid.

A few months ago I moved to San Francisco. Which, is beautiful -- but not a motorcycle friendly town. In fact, it's not an automobile friendly town. It's a macro-environment, with pedestrians and stop lights everywhere. Stop-and-go traffic no matter where you are, which is the most uninspiring way to ride a motorcycle, and not ideal for safety because remaining interested in the road, is what keeps you on both wheels.

I've never been particularly fond of taking the subway. The thought of stuffing myself into a massive iron cylinder with hundreds of other people, has never been appealing — but, it's the quickest and most interesting way for me to get to work in SF. So, I've begun taking it 2-3 times a week.

Up-sides include the people-watching and the bit of exercise required to walk to, and from, the station. A drawback to riding a motorcycle is that it provides the exhilaration of exercise, but requires no more exertion that to simply maintain good posture. One vigorous walk to the subway burns more calories than a two hour ride through the Malibu Mountains.

Additional subway bonus -- people watching is absolutely top notch. While everyone in Santa Monica looks essentially the same (variants of caucasian couples with or without a child), SF is filled with all shapes and sizes, many of which are more impeccably dressed than I'd have imagined, considering we're all behaving like cattle.


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