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Ariana Tamayo

Artist in training



Motorcycle Rider

I also use the color panel scheme almost religiously. Its so usefull! And it helps to keep my colors organized and together so I can see how the colors effect each other. 


When I started this project, I have to admit I actually sampled from three photos. I became a little overwhelmed and just stuck with one, but i did reference from piterest.


When I finished the one, i used photoshop to get the dark shade from the motorcycle. I wanted it to be light and easy 


At the same time, I outlined the entire motorcycle so I could color in the tires and what not


 last but not least picking out the colors. Now I wanted it to resemble the original orange on the motorcycle but I also wanted to add some spark so I used the color wheel to add more red to the original orange and went for a horizontal look to keep it lively and follow the direction of the bike



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