Motley is the new Kool

Motley is the new Kool - student project

The orange is Jamieson & Smith Shetland Superfine top. I did not intend it as uneven dye but the vessel I used was too small, so some areas were not exposed. I will spin it and then see if I want to overdye it or not. 

The red is Bilby Yarns Australian Merino top. It is somewhat compacted but not felted. I cut a length of cling film the length of the 50g sample of top, and set it in the bath tub. (I had to loop it into a horseshoe shape to fit.)

After gently squeezing the soaking water from the top and placing it on the cling film, I used a syringe to apply concentrated squirts of Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, Orange and Cherry Kool Aids, at fairly regular intervals. Most of the blue was lost as it was covered by the other colours. Next time I will use a higher concentration and apply it over a wider segment. I was careful not to place the blue adjacent to the orange as I didn't want brown tones, but after my experiment with the solid tones I think that may have produced a muddy green which would have been fine. 

After saturating the top with dye, I wrapped the cling film around the length and put it into a dish, then microwaved in several one and two minute intervals until it seemed warm enough. The film shrank in the heat, but the wool is not felted; it just needs a little fluffing. 

Edited 6 Nov to add photo below:

I was able to spin the orange to a fairly even colour by planking the top, that is, predrafting out two strips and holding them together to spin, After the finished yarn was dry, though I decided the orange was too happy to go with the project I have in mind, so I saddened it in a bath of strong tea. The sobered-up orange is left-most, with the control orange next right, and the orange/blue and lime/orange/blue following.

Motley is the new Kool - image 1 - student project