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Hi all,

If I'm being honest I dont think Motivity necessarily needs a tagline as the name of the product almost sums it up. That said, this process may prove me wrong..

What is Motivity?

Motivity is a crowd-sourced goal achievement platform / mobile app.

Imagine a mobile app where you type in your goal, which could be anything from "lose weight" to "get my dream job", and then the service comes back to you and receommends the top three things you should do every day in order to achieve that goal. Motivity then connects you to other people with the same/similar goal so that you can keep each other motivtated along the way. If you or your support group decide that one of the daily activties is not helping, then Motivity will receommend more activities for you to add to your daily habits list. These are curated/created by the wider network of users or professionals in your particular goal category.

Some tagline ideas:

Shape Your Life

Hack Your Life

Dont Dream it Be it.

Dream. Do.

Simplify. Motivate. Achieve.

Simplify. Motivate. Do.

Empower. Motivate. Achieve.

Together we will achieve more.

The Tools to Achieve

Life Tools.

Dream. Motivate. Achieve.

A few variations on various themes. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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