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Motivation to start Walking

When I was a kid Walking the most boring thing in the world. During my career as a publisher and seminar organizer and mother of two I never took time for myself and just walk. There was always something more important to do. I thought. Until I was burntout, stuck in constantly thinking about what else I needed to do next. All the time. I had lost joy and was functioning like a German quality machine. When life seems to get more stressful, there is a good chance that relationships suffer and the immune system goes down. That was my story: burnout, divorce, cancer. That's when I discovered Walking. My survival remedy that made me fit, relaxed and positive.

YOU don't need to hit rock bottom to find out how easily you can not only better cope with stress, but stay in tune with your body, mind and soul.
Here is a 3 minute video about my experience discovering Walking for Self-Empowerment

Why is Walking so good?

Walking is aerobic exercise, you burn fat while training your muscles without working out hard. The word Power Walking refers to getting power while walking - I always thought you need power to do so....

Walking helps to breathe deeper, you can focus on breathing and make it a meditation.

Walking boosts your circulation.

Walking reduces health risks such as heart disease, HBP and Cholesterol.

Walking is relaxing, you can use that time to consciously focus on either breath or nature or smell or sound - you name it, and give your thinking mind a really effective break.

Walking boosts your cognitive skills (link coming) due to the opposive movements of arms and legs.

With some insights and tips (link coming) you can shape your body by using muscles in a more concentrated way or balancing your body posture intentionally.

Walking boosts your mood. You can't prevent endorphins to show up and stress hormones to go down! Therefor it is a great depression prevention: movement + light

Walking helps get emotionally balanced and mentally relaxed, as long as you know how to focus and have a clear intension.

Walking helps you reconnect with your "essence", your real you, your soul or whatever you call your original energy beyond thinking and feeling, that which shows up when the mind is calm and you feel at ease. Practised regularly, you tune into that state of peace quickly. You learn how to let go of obsessive thinking patterns, put the "problems" aside, as if you would allow yourself to take time out and pick up the problems later. Obviously, once you take a break from problem thinking, you allow your mind to relax which is super exiting because the constant thinking is all based on past experiences and old knowhow, yet, the gaps of no thinking allow new information to come it, creativity versus plain thinking. No worries, you will still think more than enough. Like Einstein: working hard on problems and having the biggest discoveries when taking a break.

Any good reason for you to improve your Wellbeing with Walking?
If so, let's do it together. It's so effective to be included in the designing your own solutions! 

Can you find 3 reasons that can keep you from Walking? 
Such as
No time
No energy
Not fit enough

Can you make up new strategies that might work?
They can be ridiculous or funny, or not even considered a stategy, it doesn't matter, as long as they work for you. E.g. Get up half and hour early and not checking the phone unless you went out for 20 minutes in the morning or putting your sports shoes on before anything else, so you mind can't even kick in with bad excuses...
You just invent and experiment with those strategies to create a new habit. Once you have done it for 3 weeks regularly, you will feel a clear difference in your wellbeing and you will want to make it your priority, because life becomes smoother and you become fitter, more relaxed, focused and effective in other areas of your life.

It is all about experimenting something new that makes you do what you really want instead of allowing your habitual thinking patterns to sabotage your freedom.

Please share how you manage NOT to walk, even though your would if you could...
Also, please share innovative strategies, if you don't come up with any, we help you! It's fun.


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