Motivation: Class Project.

Assignment 0: Pick a Goal

My mission is to build my camper.  I have plans I purchased for the project and I have been gathering materials for months.  I also have a dedicated facebook page for builders that I can, and do, access.

Assignment 1: Find your true purpose

To put in perspective, I am a 69 year old, retired, addictions counselor.  My income is limited to a small rental income and my social security. 

I want to do this to achieve freedom. More specifically, I want to travel the US and see places I have never seen before, like the Grand Canyon, Mt St Helens, the Rockies, the Pacific Ocean.  And when I think of the travel, I get excited to accomplish this!


Assignment 2: Turn the world into your motivator.

1. watching videos of people traveling (daily),

2.  seeing other people towing campers,

3. Talking to others about my plans,

4. planning a trip with a friend,

5. a sense of accomplishment.

Assignment 3: Sharpen your goal

I will have accomplished my goal the first night I sleep in my camper, whilst traveling.

Assignment 4: Formulate an effective plan.

Actually going to the shop (my garage 100' from my house), and working on the camper.  I will go to the shop each day, Monday thru Thursday, at 1:00PM and quit working around 5.  I will clean the shop on Saturday, after work.  ( I work 1.5 days a week in a small hardware store and lumber yard.)  I will set an alarm on my phone to remind myself.

Assignment 5: Create a habit building schedule

I believe that I did this in #4.

Assignment 6. Stay energetic.

Also did this in #4 by leaving mornings and evenings free, and all day Sunday.


I would like feedback from my teacher.

Fred Fish