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Motion in NYC

This image was taken at a pretty well known NYC location, Tudor City Overpass, which got it's spike in popularity when people started shooting Manhattanhenge here because of its great vantage point.

It was easy to set up here. I felt isolated which was good because there wasn't any kind of rush to get my shots. There was probably 5 people out walking their dogs the whole time I was there. I secured my gorillapod to the center of the railing and used a remote trigger. I did have to hold on to my camera's strap because it was so windy up there, but I would recommend holding onto the strap regardless just to be safe.

It was hard to get a balance in light trails. I was probably here from 8-9PM and I would end up with decent trails on the left but on the right cars just weren't turning off of first ave. I choose to edit in a deep filmy black and white because I felt it really gave it that classic city at night look and it allowed me to have better control over color luminosity. I bumped up the reds and greens to balance the right side and did a little stacking in order to give me that fullness that really balanced out the left side.

I don't like to pan often. Usually when I know I'm going to be panning I don't invite anyone to come along because you need serious dedication. I have to really focus on a specific look that I'm trying to get and I can lose a lot of time getting so wrapped up in a shot trying to get perfection. This shot isn't perfect but it's my favorite out of the project.

I was standing along a highway next to the water and I had a really narrow window to get my shot due to columns and poles, which I didn't want in it at all. I also wasn't going to allow myself accept anything that had multiple cars in the edges. I wanted something really clean, centered, and straight on. Most of the time I wasn't even reviewing the shots because cars were constantly coming by and the cold air blowing from the water was wearing me down. I'd shoot then retreat to a place where the wind could be blocked as I reviewed. I repeated this a couple of times until I was satisfied. I had initially set out to get a shot of a taxi or nypd but 30 minutes in I was startling to settle for any type of car just to get out of there so I'm really glad I was able to catch this one.

I edited it really lightly, trying to ensure the moment was still the one I briefly saw through my viewfinder. I adjusted the white balance then minimally used a vsco preset to help tinge the shadows with some greenish yellow.

Ahh this sleeping beauty right here picked a great spot because I wasn't in the mood to be outside looking for a slow shutter portrait. I probably would have gotten a more aesthetically pleasing image if I had cruised the subway for the shot that didn't have any complicated architecture in the background but I wanted to be different from the lesson.

Grand Central Terminal is 102 years old so its architecture is to be respected even if it messes up my quest for clean lines. I was here for a while warming up and watching this guy sleep. This might have been the most difficult assignment for me because it was hard to find the right shutter speed because the distance of the people walking in relation to the camera determined if they would be ghostly or solid. I was pretty much guessing the whole time and I got a bunch of shots that were acceptable but a few little things might have been too off for me to promote it. 

I chose this one because it felt very abstract. The man walking was about 2-3 feet away from my set up which helped with keeping the subject free of any motion blur.  I edited it with some heavy white balance adjustments because old GCT uses some really yellow lights then found a vsco preset with a purple undertone to play with until I was happy.

I had a fun time working on this project so if you enjoyed it like, comment, or follow!

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I love getting feedback, but more importantly feedback that gives me insight to how I connected with the viewer. It helps me understand an audience and I think that's really vital for future success.

If anyone in NYC ever wants to just go shoot or collab, let's get in touch! 


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