Manuel Jaen

Artist and Graphic Designer



Moths and Black Roses


I applied all things learned in the course, like cutting and blending and placing linked, then I began  creating some content with some of my previous works. I like the mood that came out of composition some how reminds me of the past, distant memories and old things, like nostagia.


Evgenlya thanks for the suggestion here are some the variants that can be interesting to apply to my project.


This was done simply by inverting the original colors using the selection tool.

( Symbolizes light and dark ).


This version was made applying a duotone, by it can be achieve also with the colorize tool (Hue and Saturation Command) mention in the class. I like the old look almost like an engrave print.



An finally this is my version with the intent to add more color and texture to the original composition. I also tired to use the moths shadows to give it more volume,  but honesty this makes it loose simplicity.



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