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Mothers Day

Mothers Day is coming up so I though I would have a go at making a card. It always seems a bit more special when you make it yourself, and also gives me the chance to take this class :o).

These are a few pictures I've found that I like for inspiration, my favorites use shades of the same colours for different layers.


Had a practice with a simple design to start with, this is my draft in paper.


Bit more polished and cut out in card.


Final touch I put a piece of black card into the back pocket, I love how it's come out and how all the windows and stars stand out. Simple but effective I think.


I had another go with the paper cuts, but tried something a little bit different when putting it together. A few more layers and piece of orange paper over the back. I love how it came out. This will be the one that I give to my Mum next Sunday.



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