Mother's Day

Mother's Day - student project

I love this class.  I am planning to use these five steps and move my watercolor paintings forward.  I wanted to paint a small painting for the mothers, my daughter and my husbands mother to give them at the gathering yesterday.  Since I was very weak and unable to get to my usual desk I chose the smaller version.  I did have trouble with light because the living room where my soft chair is is not well lit.  Even though, I was really happy with the outcome.  Thank you so very much for such clear and thorough instructions.  I feel it is such an honor to learn from you.

Mother's Day - image 1 - student project

The Moms I gave these to were thrilled. 

I didn't have all the same colors but I found colors close to the ones I needed.

I also did not want to use masking fluid because I have only one that is very difficult to remove and it's blue.  I don't have gouache,  yet, so I used Dr Ph Martin's pen white ink.  It seems to work fine.

Hanna McCown
artist illustrator designer author