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Mother's Day Card

I just started watching the videos of this class, and I love it! I ordered supplies right away from, and as soon as it came, I started practicing.  I have never done lettering with a brush before, and I love it! I usually hand letter by drawing. So it's been really fun and different to do it this way.  Right now I'm practicing with a font I found called Strawberry.  


I used the light box technique. Here are my lower case letters.  I am going to keep practicing with other letter forms.  For my project, I want to letter the text for a Mother's Day card I would like to create.  


November 6, 2015

So I've been doing a little bit of practice every night. I wish I could do more, but I've been really busy with work. But just a little bit every night is nice - I find it relaxing.  

I don't have examples of the second exercise where we look at a letter and draw what we see -- I have so many random pieces of paper and I haven't scanned them in.

I have also been doing the exercise where we write the letters on our own.  I did massive amounts of "Happy Mother's Day" -- piles and piles.  Finally I did one that I liked. I think I was using paper that had too much tooth.... when I tried it on scrap paper from our copier, the ink flowed better!  

Here's the one I decided to keep:


I didn't even bother cleaning it up -- I liked the rough quality. Then I vectored it in Illustrator and arranged it in my illustration.  For this one, I colored it with watercolor I had scanned in.  So it's kind of "cheating"... But I wanted to finish this card this week.  

Anyway the next thing I'll do is practice doing letters with watercolor the way Teela shows in the videos. I love the fresh quality of that technique!

Until then, hope you all have a nice weekend! 

Here's my card:



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