Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day Card - student project

I had so much fun taking this class! I generally am really intimidated by drawing, but the way Peggy broke down each flower and leaf made it feel really accessible. I found the less I focused on creating something "perfect" the more organic and pleasing my flowers turned out.  I decided to adapt the wreath lesson into a mother's day card and I was really proud with how it turned out. Then I added a little watercolor to bring it to life. My mom was so impressed we ended up taking the class again together the next day. It was a perfect Mother's Day activity!


I'm looking forward to practicing more botanical line drawing. I went on a walk yesterday and I couldn't help snapping photos of some plants that I wanted to draw. It's fun how this creative exercise changes how you look at the world. Thanks Peggy for a great class! 

Mother's Day Card - image 1 - student project