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MotherCoder Web Desgin

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ~C. S. Lewis

Not so very long ago I was perfectly happy...well, relatively happy...somewhat happy...really not happy at all if you want the truth...being a paralegal.  Then things in my life changed.  Not through external forces but entirely internal and in my control.  I decided to leave the East Coast and move to the West Coast.  I sold my home, quit my job, hugged my friends goodbye and left.  No job awaited me, just my son, his wife and the San Diego sunshine.  I was fully prepared to find a job doing what I had been doing for the last 25+ years.  I took a bit of time for myself to get settled, visited family in Nevada and played tour guide to an East Coast friend on vacation.  Suddenly, the thought of working in an office from 9-5 with no view of the beautiful San Diego that I had already come to love was unthinkable.  

My son, who did not have a degree in computer science or anything related to computer science, taught himself to code.  He had created for himself a lifestyle business doing freelance coding and making a bit of a name for himself in the process.  And an idea was born.  I am not a stupid woman and although I'm way older than most beginning programmers (58), there was no reason why I couldn't learn to do this, learn to love this, and brand myself as a mature female programmer.  

I'm still looking for those of my kind.  There are female programmers.  There are older maie programmers.  But like Manny the wooly mammoth in the movie Ice Age, I'm having trouble finding others like myself.  


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